HOTELS & LEISURE The Henley Group has a keen interest in the hotel industry, and the ability to deliver a premium boutique product, using an edited model to enhance profitability. Our strategy is to acquire and retain assets in prime city centre locations, and to establish a hotel operational management business focusing on exemplary service and acute attention to detail. Our Edited Service is a luxurious hotel offering which concentrates on the key commodity – the room. Costly, underused and space-hungry services, such as restaurants, bars and gyms are eliminated, as guests enjoy greater choice and value in our selected city centre locations. The skill set needed to deliver high quality hotels is aligned with that for mixed-use residential developments, with the main difference being the exit. Henley has a proven track record in acquisition and project delivery, with operational management led by Nassar Khalil – a formidable hotelier with over 20 years’ luxury hotel experience.