SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT We aim for absolute control over the supply chain. Where the business has identified real risk, we have sought to manage this in one of three ways: 1.  Direct labour: Our labour teams are skilled in their respective disciplines. Our roofing team is competent and capable of issuing 25-year insurance-backed guarantees. 2.  Acquisition: we own all our scaffolding access systems, heavy plant, cranes and machinery. We have acquired a joinery firm which supplies all our specialist joinery. We also directly own a lightweight steel framing company, located in a new state-of-the-art facility in North East England, which fulfils our LSF needs and those of other contractors. 3.  Partnering arrangements: Where direct labour or acquisition are not commercially viable, we have entered into partnering arrangements with key suppliers, contractors and consultants. This gives us control, as they have a vested interest in the success of our business, and a high level of trust and interdependence. These three measures enable us to maintain control over our supply chain and to deliver a consistent quality, while remaining as insulated from sudden market price and labour supply fluctuations as possible. SALES AND MARKETING We benefit from the market and demographic knowledge of local sales agents but manage strategy using an in-house sales and marketing team working with expert external consultants in PR, design and marketing. A new marketing suite in development at our Battersea head office encompasses a fully-fitted show apartment and multimedia-enabled sales area to showcase our design excellence and support early off-plan sales. WARRANTY Henley is a long-term member of the new homes warranty companies NHBC and Premier Guarantee and rated in the lowest category of risk. Our reputation as a high quality developer is of paramount importance and we understand the direct correlation between build quality and the cost of aftercare and maintenance. We maintain a close relationship between our construction and maintenance teams, using two-way feedback to improve build quality and sustainability. We are actively working towards zero defects. 20|21