BUILD METHODOLOGY Over the years, Henley has used almost every type of construction methodology. However, wherever possible, lightweight steel framing (LSF) is now our preferred method. In comparison to traditional building methods, LSF is lower in cost, has a higher strength-to-weight ratio and creates an overall safer structure with lower levels of maintenance. The many benefits of LSF also encompass speed of construction, low environmental impact, flexibility of design and accuracy. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory, it arrives on site in modular components which are cost effective to transport, weatherproof and simple to install. The manufacturing process has zero wastage and LSF is 100% recyclable, even at end of life. DESIGN FLEXIBILITY 1mm increments to suit architectural intent, good up to 9 storeys LATTICE CONFIGURATION For ease of running services LARGE SPANS Fewer internal walls needed, creating larger internal spaces LIGHTWEIGHT Reduces weight load and depth of foundations, increases design options QUALITY PERFORMANCE High levels of accuracy, with no shrinking or creeping DURABLE Maintenance-free, inert and inorganic, so no rust or rot NON-COMBUSTIBLE Reduces fire risk SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION Reduces waste, meets/exceeds sustainability targets OFFSITE CONSTRUCTION Improves speed of construction and programme control