Our practice is underpinned by the following policies: HEALTH AND SAFETY Health and safety is of utmost importance in everything that we do. We retain the services of health and safety professionals who inform, support and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, best practice and company procedures. They support our operational teams and monitor and audit all our working environments. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT We aim to meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As a Group, Henley embraces modern methods of construction which have low environmental impact. The organisation works to develop schemes that are both sustainable for the environment and efficient for residents to maintain. We are committed to meeting the Government’s Green Agenda on sustainable construction. Our aim is to help meet targets set by the Government over the next eight years. Focus is on the four main areas of: Reducing emissions through carbon reduction Improving waste management Reducing water use Using sustainable products RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING Our structured yet flexible approach to training and development adapts to our constantly changing and evolving business needs, whilst ensuring our employees benefit from learning, training and development that will enable them to do their jobs and progress. Making a positive impact on the communities we work in is a priority. We create local job opportunities wherever possible, ensuring that our workforce reflects and is inclusive of the communities living around our developments. MODERN SLAVERY We have a zero tolerance policy towards forced labour, human trafficking and child labour practices (as defined in the Modern Slavery Act). We have arrangements in place to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the working practices of those with whom we have direct contractual arrangements have a similar zero tolerance approach. Our policy on Modern Slavery issues forms part of our induction process, and has been communicated to our supply chain. If it is discovered that any organisation we work with tolerates, to any degree, such slavery practices, or we suspect that slavery practices exist, we have arrangements to immediately take action, by informing the relevant authorities and severing our connection to that organisation. KEY POLICIES