A statement from our CEO

Baylis Old School

A statement from our CEO


You will be aware of the negative press stories circling over the past couple of days.


Rather than get into the accuracy of the various pieces, I felt it was necessary just to make my position, and that of Henley Homes, absolutely clear.


Personally, I have fought against social injustice for as long as I can remember and it cuts deeply when you are accused of the same.  However, this situation has occurred and we need to address it.


As a company, we have absolutely no objection to the residents of Wren Mews, a freehold owned and managed by the Guinness Partnership, having access to the play areas and amenities of Baylis Old School.  We have never had any objection.  Based on their statements to the press, I believe that the Guinness Partnership are also of the same opinion.


I am acutely aware of what social exclusion actually means; the reality of the experience is very clear in my mind. I have never stepped away from any level of responsibility, and I will be leading the way forward in engaging with all relevant stakeholders to ensure a workable solution can be put in place as soon as practically possible.


Hopefully in doing so, we can open up and contribute to the debate about housing and social inclusion that exists in wider society today.


Tariq Usmani MBE

CEO, Henley Homes

27 March 2019