Henley is an efficient, progressive and design-led property development company, with a reputation for creating outstanding and award-winning homes, in and around the capital.

Incorporated in February 1999, we have since become well recognised for our attention to quality and detail, as well as our focused approach to customer care.



Brent House HA9

Barnes Village SK8

Carlton Gate SW15


Baylis Old School SE11

Iceland Wharf E3



2015: An Award-winning Year

10 DECEMBER 2015

This year has been a very successful one for Henley, with its recent projects, Baylis Old School and The Annie McCall, winning seven awards between them and being finalists in two others.

Baylis Old School has now won a total of six awards in the last two years, the most for a single development in Henley’s history.

This is a real testament to the quality of Henley’s architects and planning specialists, as well as the excellence and attention to detail displayed by its construction teams.

See all Henley’s awards here in more detail and our current (future award-winning?) developments here.







Since 1999, Henley has proven its intelligence, integrity, resilience and ability to innovate.
These principles continue to drive the company forward.

Henley pays incredible attention to detail and design, culminating in aspirational, multi award-winning homes. Control is at the heart of what we do: with our own construction arm and in-house architectural practice we seek to control every aspect of quality, design and delivery. We are extremely proud of what we create, and these buildings truly reflect the soul of Henley.